Right to Education Campaign

What is Education Watch?

Education Watch is a people centric national movement that monitors the national and local compliance, seeks local remedies and hold stakeholders accountable and transparent with promoting right based, empowerment focused and critical and constructive engagement approach in education sector of Nepal. Education watch is a loose alliance of civil society actors having freedom to join and leave put differences and come into consensus within the framework of right to education and states’ obligation model.

Aim and Objectives

Education watch aimed to contribute for full-fledged practical realization of right to education through empowerment of right holders and critical and constructive engagement civil society actors with government system. Specifically Education Watch intends to:

  • Widely educate and capacitate right holders and civil society actors on advocacy and movement building for right to education in Nepal.
  • Monitor and public reporting on the national and local compliance of Right to education situation
  • Promote national and global solidarity and networking on right to education.

Strategic Approaches

Movement building and Advocacy: Education watch empowers local actors, public sectors, students and parents as well as civil society on understanding right to education, claiming entitlement and building movements and advocacy for the right to education in Nepal through workshop, conferences, talk program and discussion forum, media mobilization and article writing.

Constructive Engagement: Education Watch continue to compliment the constructive engagement with government system basically on formulating policies and programs, delivering the commitments with widely public information and reporting back the situation to government authorities. It also helps government system, officials and mechanisms members and officials to understand right to education, state obligations and implementing right to education in practices with local remedies.

Nationwide Education Watch: Education watch promotes, empowers and mobilize it’s members at district level and even at local level to monitor the instruments, institutions, practices and effect on enjoyment of right to education along with taking local remedial actions and reporting to the responsible authorities. A regular national education watch report to public status of right to education is also proposed.

Network and alliance building: Education watch works to accommodate civil society organizations working on education and interested to join movement through membership distribution, observatory invitation and solidarity group formation at local and national level. Education watch will have solidarity and networking with similar movements around the world.